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Examples of Our Services

Muchmore Consulting's mission is to provide a full spectrum of technology support for Seattle-area law firms.  

Planning is the key to a safe and reliable network. We work with clients to establish long-term plans for their networks to anticipate and spread out costs from year to year. 

When we are retained by firms with existing networks, we typically identify areas of concern and develop a cost-effective plan for evolving the network to their ideal systems.

Security considerations have always been a major concern in our planning.  But over recent years, increased threats have made the protection of confidential data a primary focus for all of our designs.  We offer detailed security assessments to allow firms to make informed decisions about the risks and steps needed to protect data.

Our clients no longer just ask, "is our data protected?"  They want to know how quickly their data and programs will be available after failures in software, hardware or disaster scenarios.  We maintain enough depth to provide emergency support for problems at any time. We are also ready to develop Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans that allow firms to plan their expectations for any contingency.

Network Planning

We regularly provide support for questions and problems amongst attorneys and staff at our client firms.  We are set up to quickly answer questions by e-mail or phone, sharing computer screens when helpful.  But we also find it important to visit clients to provide in person discussions and assistance.


Our group understand legal working and the requirements for providing support.  We are also familiar with the wide variety of software used by firms for time and billing, docketing, document management and e-discovery.

Allan Muchmore provides advanced forensic techniques to safely preserve, gather and interpret data from computers, phones and other electronic devices.  Allan regularly provides expert support to attorneys involved in litigation, including the role of a testifying as an expert witness.


Forensic Services
Legal Support
Help Desk Support
Disaster Recovery
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